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What do your kids mean to you

I had a discussion with a nurse I recently started working with  a couple nights ago and and we both have children with a wide age gap. We were talking about what kids mean to us and how much more we appreciate parenthood with our younger children. Now before you slaughter me let me explain! I have few regrets in life if any, my only true regret I can think of now  is that I didn’t understand at a young age what I truly had in my children. Don’t get me wrong I loved them with all my heart and soul and would not trade anything about them but being a young father I did not in any way appreciate fully what I had! I had not seen enough or done enough to fully understand what that means. Their mother and I are no longer together and I still get them at least once a week but I can never make up all that lost time when they are away from my house.

I am remarried now and we have two more children whom I love just as much but I feel bad someday’s like they get more than their older brother and sisters, but I realize that its not that I love them more (not by any means) I just have learned to appreciate what time I have with them, if anything I feel it has encouraged me to find more activities and reasons for my older children to join us on. I hope they never feel like they got cheated! I love all five of them equally and I have learned to cherish that time with the older ones as well, I just understand now what it means to be a father and a parent.

The point is, don’t take one minute for granted, always show that love to the best of your potential. Take advantage of every moment together. Do something that shows them what they mean to you!

Here are my 5 beautiful children.












2 responses

  1. You will have to make sure and post some updated pictures soon, but I really love the ones you choose. Especially Walker’s. Probably one of the best pictures of him I have ever seen. Oh and p.s. you are a GREAT father, never forget that.

    April 3, 2014 at 9:14 am

  2. You have some amazing kids!

    April 3, 2014 at 3:43 pm

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