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Day 12 May Photo Challenge – Close-up



My daughters Close-up


Day 11 May Photo Challenge – Where You Sleep


Happily in the arms of this crazy and beautiful woman!


Day 10 May Photo Challenge – My Childhood


The only childhood picture I have scanned into my computer. This is with the best goose hunting dog to ever live, Ivy.

Day 9 May Photo Challenge – My Routine


Because I am one of the luckiest dads in the world get to have a routine of dealing with these 2 rug rats everyday. While I hate working nights and being away from my wife it does mean that I spend my awake time with my children seven days a week. How many dads can really say that? Obviously my routine revolves around them and their mood for the day!

Day 8 May Photo Challenge – Your Sky

Living in Idaho this could have been an awesome post on a lot of days and if I wasn’t going to be at work during the sunset it probably will be a great one but this shpt was the only one outside that would not have been just gray! 


May Photo Challenge Day 7 – Favorite


This is my favorite pass time I prefer to do it with family or good friends! 

May Photo Challenge Day 6 – Something that makes me smile

My children always bring a smile to my face but seeing my youngest son grow and learn so much had me smiling all day! This crazy kid figured out how to take the lid off his sippy cup (or his sisters in this case) and fill it out of the blue today.Image

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring




Fun at the Park

May Photo Challenge Day 5 – Something I Wore

This is something  I wear proudly everyday I am so happy to have this ring and for what it symbolizes. I had to put her ring with it to though for the pic it looked so lonely by itself.