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Easter Sunday for Friend

I took these Photo’s at church for a good friend Betsy and her girls. Her girls have made appearances here before. They are always fun to photograph as they are full of life.

IMG_6291_edited-1 IMG_6295_edited-1 IMG_6302_edited-2



Silhouette fun


Serious Conversation and A Boy’s Love For His Mom!

Sure Baby How Hard Could it be!

I love my big family, but with seven of us in the picture ranging from 1 year to 37 years, it can be very difficult just to get one good shot of the family. My recent comment to my wife was hey baby I should buy a remote then we could get some family portraits, it will be easy (husbands famous last words right up there with hold my beer)! With the most recent shoot of the family I clicked nearly 900 pics in a few hours some from in front of the camera with a remote so we could have some good pics of the entire family together which is why I love and hate modern technology. So here are some of the results from that shoot?

First off a small disclaimer and apology to Madison, we are a family that is all about having fun, but as I recently had to explain to Maddy, when there are seven of us and if one of you decides to do something funny in the shoot, then someone else does, then Kyrie won’t look at the camera, then Zander wants down, I end up with nothing at the end of a long shoot and daddy might have gotten a little frustrated when he got home went through the pics and said daughter had made a face in every single good shot!!! I might have been a little harsh and for that I apologize, especially as these usually cause smiles and I can get candid shots that are so much better than the “say cheese shots” that always look so unnatural. But with the remote I can’t see whats going on till later.

Well in all honesty you end up with some fun shots that usually don’t find there way to a frame on the wall but they do hold some good memories, which we have from all of our family shoot attempts!

So how hard could it be lets just start with mom dad and have big sis take the pictures. This will help us get to the root of the problem! I constantly am having to remind them no funny faces so I can get a couple shots without them but i wonder who starts it:

IMG_5744 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5749

Busted in that last pic because the camera women was cracking up, but we did get a couple in fairness that I like:

IMG_5736_edited-1 IMG_5737_edited-1

So lets throw the 2 younger kids in there and see what happens:

IMG_5757 IMG_5758 IMG_5760 IMG_5761 IMG_5763 IMG_5765 IMG_5767 IMG_5768

So lets do a quick recap; I don’t want to mom, oh look hair my favorite, let go, look at the camera please and leave your brother alone, in my wife’s defense she is not strangling him but tickling him for the smile, and it works but wait Kyrie escapes and shes back but oh look more hair, I think mommy is almost bald now!

So what do we do; what else lets through the other three kids in and dad can use his new toy 🙂

IMG_5447 IMG_5448 IMG_5449 IMG_5451 IMG_5452

THese are all the shots from this pose and guess what miss maddie pulled a face in every one, grrrrr! this might have been where daddy got a little gruff at home when he started going through them. So lets move on to another pose:


And between daddy trying to get the remote to work she strikes again now in all fairness we got some good ones in this pose so I don’t mind some good memories some fun and a good family pic.


Finally a family shot with the whole family! That is something we don’t have enough of! This is what life is about though lots of fun with the kids on the river with some good memories to be preserved hopefully forever!



My Awesome Daughter


‪#‎100happydays‬ My kids have always made me a happy man and as you see I have to work really hard to find other things besides my wife and family to fill the 100 days but this one snuck away with my phone and left a message across the top that said I love you dad! She made my night when i got on my phone the next time!

100 Happy Days

#100happydays Day 11 – I had several ideas for tonight as I headed to work none of them grand ideas, But my happiest moment of the day happened about 9:30 when I learned they didn’t need 2 RT’s tonight, So I decided to take the short shift and come home to my wife! I am so glad I was gonna post after first rounds and hadn’t quite finished yet. Spending the night sleeping curled up with your wife when you thought you were gonna be awake and working all night! That’s pure joy right there!!— with Angel Williams.


Credit for this pic actually goes to my Daughter Allason I think she is an awesome photographer!

I haven’t been posting these on here, I was using Facebook instead, but I wanted to push this challenge a little! I will post the link at the bottom but everyone should try this! It is easier than it seems, I usually snap the photo’s with my phone and just upload straight to facebook with #100happydays (Now let me say I HATE the whole hash tag thing but for this it works so i broke down). At the end if you complete it they send you a book with your 100 happy photo’s. They claim that 71% of people can’t find 5 minutes a day to post something that made them happy I challenge the bloggers out there to prove their numbers wrong!

Go to:  http://100happydays.com/ to sign up and get started!


Love the models that know what they are doing

IMG_1582_edited-1 IMG_1584_edited-1

Well most of the time its good that they know what they are doing but not sure she should have known so many poses quite yet! This little gal and her 2 sisters had done ten plus poses each before I got the camera turned on. It was fun working with them and I loved the way they turned out. This was My first time working with lights and a backdrop and this was all done with lamps a few homemade reflectors and diffuser. I had a lot of fun experimenting and besides throwing out 60 great poses that I missed the girls were very patient with me, so they were great test subjects. Thanks to Betsy for letting me photograph them they are precious!

What do your kids mean to you

I had a discussion with a nurse I recently started working with  a couple nights ago and and we both have children with a wide age gap. We were talking about what kids mean to us and how much more we appreciate parenthood with our younger children. Now before you slaughter me let me explain! I have few regrets in life if any, my only true regret I can think of now  is that I didn’t understand at a young age what I truly had in my children. Don’t get me wrong I loved them with all my heart and soul and would not trade anything about them but being a young father I did not in any way appreciate fully what I had! I had not seen enough or done enough to fully understand what that means. Their mother and I are no longer together and I still get them at least once a week but I can never make up all that lost time when they are away from my house.

I am remarried now and we have two more children whom I love just as much but I feel bad someday’s like they get more than their older brother and sisters, but I realize that its not that I love them more (not by any means) I just have learned to appreciate what time I have with them, if anything I feel it has encouraged me to find more activities and reasons for my older children to join us on. I hope they never feel like they got cheated! I love all five of them equally and I have learned to cherish that time with the older ones as well, I just understand now what it means to be a father and a parent.

The point is, don’t take one minute for granted, always show that love to the best of your potential. Take advantage of every moment together. Do something that shows them what they mean to you!

Here are my 5 beautiful children.











Hell Hound (AKA – Lexi)




This would be the lab that inspired the post http://pm11887.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/you-know-you-own-a-lab-when/ by my lovely and very talented wife, you should go read it if you have  not already some very true stuff!

I love the intense look and concentration in a labs eyes, especially when they are working in the field they take their job very seriously and you can see it in a good dog!



Some Family Fun (Oct 2012 Family shoot)