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Low Light Photography Practice

Went for a walk with my 2 younger children yesterday and brought the camera along to see what I could find. Proud of my big 2 year old with daddy’s help he pushed his sister for the entire walk he is getting so big!




New Beginnings

This whole blog thing is ruining me! Sunday I walk out the front door and see a tree budding instantly I think, “that would make a cool pic“, so i ran back and grabbed the camera and took a few (not my greatest pics, I think its time to invest in a macro lens. *hint hint Angel). Pre-blog it would have ended there! Post blog made me go deeper and think about what it would be like to be that tree, soooo…

What would it be like to have the ability every year to shed all the old and dead things clinging to our lives, to take a long rest and then to start over again and bloom with new buds that blossom into true beauty!? To eliminate all the old and put on a new wonderful layer with no harsh memories of what was or could have been, instead only what is now!? No bad reminders still clinging on and reminding us of past failures. Granted good and bad memories and decisions are what make us who we are, but still, wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to truly forget somethings and to move on to new and better things? And when we wear them out at the end of the year, to begin the process again!

Wonderful weather


It was another beautiful day here in Idaho and the crazy part is it stayed that way all day and we didn’t witness all 4 seasons in under an hour like usual! This is a teaser to an upcoming blog called New Life (assuming the name doesn’t change). This photo was part of my 100 days of happiness challenge!

Hell Hound (AKA – Lexi)




This would be the lab that inspired the post http://pm11887.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/you-know-you-own-a-lab-when/ by my lovely and very talented wife, you should go read it if you have  not already some very true stuff!

I love the intense look and concentration in a labs eyes, especially when they are working in the field they take their job very seriously and you can see it in a good dog!


Some Nature shots