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Day 4 May Photo Challenge – Letterbox


This is from the neighborhood always liked it so good for this.


Day 3 Photo Challenge – Something I Adore

The thing I adore was easy; time with my family hands down is the best time ever spent; now settling on one of the many pics I took of family time today a lot more difficult! So I will go with the one I get the least of alone time with my wife! She got off work late and called on her way home and said after the kids went to bed she wanted to lay under the stars on the trampoline for a while! It was peaceful and enjoyable enough to not want to introduce electronics into it until the end I needed a pic for tonight so when her allergies couldn’t take any more I snapped a couple quick shots of us and some of the moon and we headed in for the night! Thank you for the time baby I Love every minute with you by my side!


May Photo challenge Day 2

Day 2 was what I ate for breakfast. Well guess I should have looked at this before I ate my breakfast 🙂 But alas I still have the mug that held my coffee this morning so I will post it! Whats better than a good cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning when you know you are escaping to the hills away from all the crazy people! Obviously the pic of me was before my coffee breakfast as you can tell!






May Photo Challenge Day 1

So this Month with my wife I am doing a 31 day photo challenge the first is a pic of me which I took this morning don’t hold it against me I went to the dentist yesterday and was put out for it after which I slept for 24 hours straight, which I of course (since I’m an idiot) promptly woke up and went bear hunting. Being in a tired stupor I actually posted this poor pic to Facebook so since it’s already out there I might as well use it for my blog too! As my wife has kindly pointed out the dog has the same look on her face must have been a rough night for her as well! 🙂 The other pic is the list we will be using.
Me (in all my morning-glory and still a little loopy from getting anesthesia the day before)

My amazing 1 yr old

It’s your first birthday baby girl and your daddy loves you so much! I am so proud of you already you are growing and learning so fast and you are already learning to wrap your parents around your little finger 🙂 Gotta love the first time they get cake!

Kyrie at Easter Egg Hunt

Gotta love the baby’s Easter grass and the basket is her favorite part, although the boiled eggs were pretty good to.

Easter Sunday for Friend

I took these Photo’s at church for a good friend Betsy and her girls. Her girls have made appearances here before. They are always fun to photograph as they are full of life.

IMG_6291_edited-1 IMG_6295_edited-1 IMG_6302_edited-2


Silhouette fun


Serious Conversation and A Boy’s Love For His Mom!