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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring





Silhouette fun


Serious Conversation and A Boy’s Love For His Mom!

Sure Baby How Hard Could it be!

I love my big family, but with seven of us in the picture ranging from 1 year to 37 years, it can be very difficult just to get one good shot of the family. My recent comment to my wife was hey baby I should buy a remote then we could get some family portraits, it will be easy (husbands famous last words right up there with hold my beer)! With the most recent shoot of the family I clicked nearly 900 pics in a few hours some from in front of the camera with a remote so we could have some good pics of the entire family together which is why I love and hate modern technology. So here are some of the results from that shoot?

First off a small disclaimer and apology to Madison, we are a family that is all about having fun, but as I recently had to explain to Maddy, when there are seven of us and if one of you decides to do something funny in the shoot, then someone else does, then Kyrie won’t look at the camera, then Zander wants down, I end up with nothing at the end of a long shoot and daddy might have gotten a little frustrated when he got home went through the pics and said daughter had made a face in every single good shot!!! I might have been a little harsh and for that I apologize, especially as these usually cause smiles and I can get candid shots that are so much better than the “say cheese shots” that always look so unnatural. But with the remote I can’t see whats going on till later.

Well in all honesty you end up with some fun shots that usually don’t find there way to a frame on the wall but they do hold some good memories, which we have from all of our family shoot attempts!

So how hard could it be lets just start with mom dad and have big sis take the pictures. This will help us get to the root of the problem! I constantly am having to remind them no funny faces so I can get a couple shots without them but i wonder who starts it:

IMG_5744 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5749

Busted in that last pic because the camera women was cracking up, but we did get a couple in fairness that I like:

IMG_5736_edited-1 IMG_5737_edited-1

So lets throw the 2 younger kids in there and see what happens:

IMG_5757 IMG_5758 IMG_5760 IMG_5761 IMG_5763 IMG_5765 IMG_5767 IMG_5768

So lets do a quick recap; I don’t want to mom, oh look hair my favorite, let go, look at the camera please and leave your brother alone, in my wife’s defense she is not strangling him but tickling him for the smile, and it works but wait Kyrie escapes and shes back but oh look more hair, I think mommy is almost bald now!

So what do we do; what else lets through the other three kids in and dad can use his new toy 🙂

IMG_5447 IMG_5448 IMG_5449 IMG_5451 IMG_5452

THese are all the shots from this pose and guess what miss maddie pulled a face in every one, grrrrr! this might have been where daddy got a little gruff at home when he started going through them. So lets move on to another pose:


And between daddy trying to get the remote to work she strikes again now in all fairness we got some good ones in this pose so I don’t mind some good memories some fun and a good family pic.


Finally a family shot with the whole family! That is something we don’t have enough of! This is what life is about though lots of fun with the kids on the river with some good memories to be preserved hopefully forever!



My Awesome Daughter


‪#‎100happydays‬ My kids have always made me a happy man and as you see I have to work really hard to find other things besides my wife and family to fill the 100 days but this one snuck away with my phone and left a message across the top that said I love you dad! She made my night when i got on my phone the next time!

Low Light Photography Practice

Went for a walk with my 2 younger children yesterday and brought the camera along to see what I could find. Proud of my big 2 year old with daddy’s help he pushed his sister for the entire walk he is getting so big!



New Beginnings

This whole blog thing is ruining me! Sunday I walk out the front door and see a tree budding instantly I think, “that would make a cool pic“, so i ran back and grabbed the camera and took a few (not my greatest pics, I think its time to invest in a macro lens. *hint hint Angel). Pre-blog it would have ended there! Post blog made me go deeper and think about what it would be like to be that tree, soooo…

What would it be like to have the ability every year to shed all the old and dead things clinging to our lives, to take a long rest and then to start over again and bloom with new buds that blossom into true beauty!? To eliminate all the old and put on a new wonderful layer with no harsh memories of what was or could have been, instead only what is now!? No bad reminders still clinging on and reminding us of past failures. Granted good and bad memories and decisions are what make us who we are, but still, wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to truly forget somethings and to move on to new and better things? And when we wear them out at the end of the year, to begin the process again!

My Crazy unexpected life

Okay to get myself set off on this adventure…

My wife (a tremendous writer with an absolutely excellent way with words) has been softly pushing me to do a blog for a while, while myself (most definitely not a writer or having a way with words) has been answering back with a resounding no way I can’t do that! Woman must be crazy, well then I realized people blog with pictures, so being that I love photography I decided that this is something that I might be able to do after all. So here goes, I will start by trying to explain myself and a little of where my family and I are in this crazy whirlwind of life.


My name is Josh and I am very happily married to the wonderful woman in this picture Angel, you should really check her blog out at http://pm11887.wordpress.com/ it is good for some great laughs, some awesome photos, and some excellent writing (okay enough of a shameless plug for her). I have three fabulous older children from a previous marriage, that are hands down the kindest and most respectful kids in the world. (Grand claim but you have no idea)


This is, from left to right, Walker, Madison, Allason. I really am a very lucky father to have three kids that come from a broken home and yet are so well behaved. This photo, from my wedding to Angel whom they lovingly refer to as morther (long weird story, but not unlike many of our stories with them). I am even more blessed with how they respect and treat their morther and show it, and even more so that she returns a love that is worthy of her own children. She expects no less from them than she does her own children, but shows them the same love and respect she would her own, which is amazing in a step parent.

Angel and I met at MCD’s and went on a few dates and ended up falling head over heels in love with each other. We were married last Aug. on one of the happiest days of my life (in case you can’t tell from my writing I am smitten with her)


Who wouldn’t be look at that hottie 🙂 A little before that we had two wonderful children together who make a perfect match with their older siblings.


This is Zander and Kyrie (left to right) they look up to and adore their older brothers and sisters dearly, and once again even better, the older siblings show nothing but admiration and love for their younger brother and sister. (Have I mentioned how blessed I am)

So a little about me, soon after Angel and I met I decided I did not want to do fast food anymore and took us off on a true test of our relationship. I went back to school to become a respiratory therapist (RT) which led to a crazy 2 years where we learned what living on love really meant (a little more on that below). Zander was born soon after I started school and Kyrie was born the week after I graduated. I was hired  and became a full time RT for Trinity health and Rehab of Holly about a year ago and lasted until last night when I stepped down to an “as needed” position. I start next week full time for Southwest Advanced Care Hospital as an ICU and floor RT which just means I get to work with more critically ill patients. I am looking forward to this new adventure as I feel it will stretch my knowledge more. I am also currently enrolled back in school for my bachelors in advanced RT care, I just like to punish myself what can I say! Before this I did fast food for 14 years as a manager of MCD’s and Arctic Circle, then before that I was a project manager for the Micron account doing cubicle construction. Ya it took a while to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up but I love where I ended up and wouldn’t trade it for anything, I absolutely love patient care and for the first time in my life I have no interest in a management position.

Now for my second love. I love the outdoors almost as much as I love my wife and kids, I spend every free moment possible hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. I love hunting the most be it with my camera (which due to funds and no long zoom lenses I have not got to do much of yet but will soon)  or with my bow. I have been very successful as a hunter and owe that to a loving father  who spent a lot of time teaching me as a young man just how to get close and personal with wildlife. This has always been my connection point with my dad, I could write 100 blogs just writing down stories from the field with him and family all of which are tremendous memories, many bloopers, some defeat and failure that I can still say with a smile, and many other success stories. I hope to install many of these memories with my children and I know my older children already have a few they like to tell.


This is dad holding baby Kyrie at my graduation ceremony. The second pic is of me with my first archery elk, I’m not sure who was more proud me or dad.

As for learning how to take care of my family so well I owe that to a loving mother who has always supported me whole heatedly in everything I do, without her especially, but also my entire extended family we would have never made it through my schooling again I am so blessed. I can’t count the times that I was done financially and mom came through to keep us with our heads above water for one more pay period. I feel I do pretty well at taking great care of my wife and showing I love her every day and I think I owe this to my mom teaching me how a person should show respect and act and what it means to love someone and to back them.While I am far from perfect in this department I feel I do pretty well.

DSCN2537 IMG_4426

This is mom, or Nana to the kids, with Kyrie soon after her birth, and again helping me get ready on my wedding day.

I also love to sing with my wife this is actually something she brought out in me from our very first time hanging out together. I was afraid to ever do this in public but she has encouraged it to the point that it went well beyond karaoke. I sang a proposal song to her, I sang at our wedding surrounded by close friends and family, I sing regularly in church, and at home. I owe this all to her encouraging and pushing me from my comfort zone. She is another person in my life that when I decide to do something like be an idiot and go back to school, she backs me fully and supports me through, when I’m down she gives me the shove I need to keep going.

An older love that I am finally accomplishing is photography I finally purchased an older used SLR camera that came with a newer version of Photoshop last year and I have started to teach myself (with the help of the internet) the ins and outs. I feel like I have done okay. I will post a few of my favorites below:


Angel with Kyrie


Angel eyes


Walker, Maddy, Ally








Natalie (family friend)


Mckayla (family friend)


Liv (family friend)

This in a nutshell is my crazy life and I would not trade a day of it for anything!